September 2019

Jordan has been cast as Frank, the mysterious, saxophone-wielding host of Hunger & Thirst Theatre's Strangers in the Night, an evening of two preternatural one-acts. The show runs October 11-26 at the West End Theatre. More info here 

April 2019

Jordan has been cast in Monstress, part of the Hunger & Thirst special one-night event An Evening of Monsters. Come check out two great new shows in development on April 6 at the West End Theatre.

October 2017

Jordan has been cast in an exciting Hunger & Thirst/Guerrilla Shakespeare Project co-production, Pericles: Born in a Tempest. The production turns the massive Shakespearean tale into a taut family drama with a cast of 5. Performances will run next month at the West End Theatre.


Jordan has been cast as Messenger #2 in Hunger & Thirst Theatre's next production, Messenger #1, a new ancient greek tragedy, by Mark Jackson. Performances will run in March at the Paradise Factory in NYC! 


Rehearsals have begun for Hunger & Thirst Theatre's Dracula. Performances will run October 14-29 at the Gene Frankel Theater in NYC. Tickets and more info can be found here.


Jordan will be taking on the role of Dr. Seward in a week-long workshop of a new adaptation of Dracula by Hunger & Thirst Theatre Artistic Director, Patricia Lynn.


Jordan will be playing Hamlet in The Tragedy of Hamlet at the Greenbrier Valley Theatre in Lewisburg, WV next month. 

JULY 2015

Jordan is back down at the Capital Fringe Festival with Hunger & Thirst Theatre Collective playing the titular role in Ashlin Halfnight's Lathem Prince. Details are here.


Jordan has begun rehearsals for the world premiere production of Jack Karp's Irreversible with The Red Fern Theatre Company. Performances run March 12 - March 29 in NYC. Details are here.


Jordan has begun rehearsals for Hunger & Thirst Theatre Collective's production of The Animal Kingdom by Philip Barry. The production runs Januay 29 - February 15 at Theaterlab in Midtown Manhattan. Details are here.

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